If you have a team using SigParser, this page will matter to you.

Personal vs Team

When a user signs up for SigParser, they get a database of contact created. You can invite others to your database and have them also connect their accounts to your contact information can all be shared. There are limits you can place on who can see what.

But if you decide later you want to use the same email address with another team, you will have to abandon your current team database.

Invite Users

The user can only do this if they have the permission to add users.

To add new team members, click Settings -> Users -> Add Team Member

An email will be sent to the user asking them to signup. They must signup with the email address you used to invite them with. Once they confirm their email address, they'll be able to accept your invite or reject it.

A user can't be on multiple teams in SigParser for the same email address so if they are already on a team then they can't join yours without leaving their current team.

After inviting users, be sure to check that internal contacts and team members are configured correctly. They generally are but you should double check.

Accept Team Invite

When you get invited to a team you should receive an email.

  1. Go to https://app.sigparser.com/Home/Register or https://www.sigparser.com.
    • If you already have an account but haven't joined a team yet, login. If you're already logged in, click "Use SigParser".
  2. Register for a new account with the same email address as you received the invite email at.
  3. Validate your email address.
    • If you don't get the code, click "Resend Code" to get the verification code.
  4. Accept the team invite.
    • If you don't get prompted to accept the invite and are instead asked to either use the app for personal use or as a team, you probably didn't register with the same email address as the invite was sent to.
  5. After accepting the invite, you will want to connect your business email account unless told otherwise by your administrator.

Question: I clicked "Personal" or made my own team when signing up and don't see the new invite now.

You can only be on one team at a time. Clicking "Personal" actually made you a team of one behind the scenes so you need to leave your current team and join the proper team. See Leaving Team for steps.

Delete your account

To delete your account in SigParser, click Settings -> Profile -> Delete My Account. Then register again and you should see the invite this time.

You can't be in two teams at the same time.

Warning: Leaving a team abandons all previous data

Any email accounts you setup or contacts you created in the team will be abandoned.


In SigParser there are various roles which are useful for different types of teams. Roles control actions around the website although when it comes to viewing email contents or attachments, the data source "Accessible By" parameters still control that access.

  • Administrator - The default role for the creator of the team. They have permission to do almost everything in the system.
    • For example, they can administer the billing functions, update bucket types, can see all contacts, view team details...
  • Sales Manager - Can see some details about the team in addition to seeing all the contacts.
  • Team Member - Can see all contacts regardless of where they came from but can't see info on other team members. This is useful where there is often collaboration between team members.
  • Team Member Limited - Can only see their own contacts. This role is useful in teams where there is no collaboration between sales team members.