Territory Planning Overview

SigParser supports designing territories and then using those territory plans to easily segregate contacts and accounts with filters. Define team members, geographic regions and accounts.


  • Territory Plan consists of the definition for all the territories.
  • Territory Plan Version - The version of a territory plan. Nested under a plan. This makes testing new ideas possible without modifying the active territory plan.
  • Active Plan - The plan the users see. There can only be one active territory plan and version at a time. To set a new active plan, go to the Territory Plan Version.

Creating Territories

Click Team -> Territories -> Action icon Add Territory

Designing Territories

The territory designer page let's you modify a territory version.

You must save often. Click the Save or Save and Set As Active Territory Plan to save your changes. We suggest saving often.

Geo Regions vs Accounts

Territories can be defined both at the geographic region and the account level. Account ownership trumps georegion ownership.


Jim - Geo-region: California, Accounts: Dell, JP Morgan Chase, Apple

Steve - Geo-region: New York, Accounts: Verizon, Palantir, SalesForce

When Jim searches for contacts in his territory he'll see all contacts in either California or any of his named accounts. But he won't see the contacts in California at Verizon, Palantir or SalesForce because Steve owns those accounts.

Splitt Geographic Regions

When the map first loads everything is at the country level. But you'll probably want to split the regions out to either states or countys.

To split a region right click on the country or state or county and click "Split Region". To remcombine it, right click and click "Unsplit Region".

We don't support every country at this time but here are the levels we currently support. Over time more will be added.

Region Splitting

  • Canada
    • States
  • United States
    • States
      • Counties

View a list of regions by person

At the bottom of the designer page you can see a list of all the assignments and remove assignments with the trashcan.

Finding Contacts By Territory

When searching for contacts there is a field called Territory. You can search by the name of the territories. If you use the advanced filtering, you can search on special wilecards like {{username}} or {{fullname}}. Use the "Name Like" operator.