Add Contacts to CRM Selection Screen

To manually add contacts you can use the CRM Audit or Contact Audit tool.

Open any Connector and click the Audit tool button at the top left.

You'll see a screen like this:

You may need to click the Generate Report button to generate the difference between the two systems.

You can use this screen to manually add contacts one at a time to your CRM or Contact system instead of automatically adding with rules. This is useful is some contacts are missed by your rules or you want a contact immediately.

Each time you click "Add" SigParser will attempt to add the contact to your connected CRM system.

Error: Contact Already Exists

SigParser tries to prevent the same contact from being added multiple times to a CRM based on email address.

If SigParser finds a contact in the CRM with the same email address, SigParser halts the addition operations. If you encounter this error, it normally means SigParser's local cache of contacts is out of date. You should click "Edit" and then click "Pull Latest".