Teams and Team Members

SigParser will eventually support the concept of teams but for now every SigParser instance is just one team.

But you should define all of your team members and their associated information to have SigParser display things correct.

Team members are not users. To add users, go to Settings -> Users.

Partway thru the below video you can see how to add team members.


Each team member has the following:

  • Name - Anything you want to call this team member.
  • Email Addresses - One or more email addresses associated with the team member.

A team member doesn't have to be a user but all users should probably be listed as team members. By default when a user joins the team they'll automatically have an entry created in the Team Members list.

Email Addresses

If you upload multiple PST files from an old email address, you should be sure to add the email address under your Team Member record.