SigParser's Zapier connector makes it possible to connect many different apps to SigParser even if SigParser doesn't officially support those other apps.

Be aware

  • SigParser may consume a lot of zaps per month. The more email you get the more often the zaps will fire.
    • SigParser will generate around 1000 webhook invocations per month per mailbox. For a standard zap this means SigParser will consume 2000 - 5000 tasks per month per mailbox depending on the complexity of the flow you setup.
  • Zapier is okay for basic connections but if you want advanced flows we'd suggest Integromat.

SigParser Zapier Connector

Go here to start connecting Zapier and SigParser.

Zapier to Airtable

This diagram outlines the most common Zapier setup for adding contacts to the Airtable CRM.

Zapier to Airtable