Create Contacts

SigParser can automatically create contacts. See this guide on details for configuring which contacts get pushed.

Updating Pipedrive Contacts

SigParser finds contact matches by email address in Pipedrive.

SigParser will update the following fields. It will only fill in missing values or values it previously set.

  • Phone Numbers
    • work, mobile, other, home
  • Title
    • SigParser looks for a field named "title" or "jobtitle" or "job title" which is editable.
      • There isn't a default title field in Pipedrive so you should add this field if you want it auto populated.
    • Updating title automatically can be disabled when configuring the connection in SigParser.
  • Address Fields
    • SigParser looks for a field of type "address" which is editable. If you just have a text field for addresses, SigParser won't populate that.

How The Sync Process Works

  1. Every 8 - 24 hours
  2. If the first time pulling contacts
    • SigParser pulls every contact email address and ID for efficient sync operations
    • Otherwise, SigParser just pulls any new contacts or changes
  3. SigParser loops thru every contact with changes since the last sync job and checks if there are any matches in Pipedrive based on the local cache.
    • For any contact with updates in SigParser
      • Pull the latest record from Pipedrive
      • Updated any fields SigParser can update
      • Push the updated contact to Pipedrive.
    • If creating contacts is configured and no record exists in Pipedrive
      • SigParser creates a new contact in Pipedrive.