Integrations Overview

SigParser can integrate with multiple providers. Integrations are the key component to getting data into SigParser.

Adding New Integrations

The basic steps to add a new integration are as follows:

  1. Login to SigParser
  2. On the Dashboard at the bottom
  3. Find the provider type you want to connect and click the button.

Security - User Permissions (Accessible By)

By default whoever adds a data source is given the admin rights for that data source. They can give other users admin rights for the data source by changing the "Accessible By" options on the data source.

If a user doesn't have permission to see all contacts, then the visibility of the contact is controlled by whether that contact was found in any data sources which the user has permission to. For example, if SalesForce has the contact John Smith and everyone on the team on the SalesForce "Accessible By" list, then everyone can see John Smith. On the other hand, if Mary Sue only shows up in the team member Bill's mailbox but not John's then when John searches for contacts Mary won't appear. If the contact Mary Sue was also in SalesForce, then John would see Mary because he is listed on the SalesForce "Accessible By" list.