Getting Started

SigParser's MailChimp connector is designed to make it easy to add contacts to MailChimp.


Connect MailChimp by going to Settings -> Data Sources -> MailChimp.

It will take 30 seconds or so to pull down all your lists and contacts.

Using MailChimp Lists

Add contacts to a MailChimp List

Go to the Contacts page and open the Bucketing tab. Select the dropdown and select the MailChimp List option. That should show you all the MailChimp Lists which were imported from MailChimp. You can add contacts to this MailChimp list and they'll be automatically pushed to MailChimp in real time.

Removing contacts from a MailChimp List

You can either do this one at a time or in bulk. Essentially you just use the bucketing tools to remove buckets with the type of "MailChimp List".

But be aware if the contact was either unsubscribed or cleaned, the MailChimp list in MailChimp might show the contact as still being on the list even though they are removed from the list in SigParser.


I made a bunch of updates in MailChimp, how come SigParser doesn't see the updates?

SigParser queries MailChimp once per day for the latest contacts. If you just made some additions or deletions, you can go to the Data Sources page, find the MailChimp connection and click "Sync".

How come my contacts aren't removed from my MailChimp list even though I removed them in SigParser?

MailChimp won't let you remove a contact from a list who was already either "unsubscribed" or in the "cleaned" state. But in SigParser we'll let you pull that contact from your mapped list after we initially import the contacts.