Getting Started

SigParser's MailChimp connector is designed to make it easy to add contacts to MailChimp.


Connect MailChimp by going to Settings -> Data Sources -> MailChimp.

Within a few minutes you'll see new bucket options in SigParser to assign contacts to.

Using MailChimp Lists

Add contacts to a MailChimp List

  1. Go to the Contacts page
  2. Select a few contacts you want to add to MailChimp.
  3. Click the orange action button and click "Bucketing".
  4. Then click "Add" next to the MailChimp list you want to add the contacts to.

The contacts will be pushed over to MailChimp within the next minute or two.

Removing contacts from a MailChimp List

We don't allow removing contacts from within SigParser. You can remove the contact within SigParser from the list for now but that won't remove the contact from MailChimp's list.


I made a bunch of updates in MailChimp, how come SigParser doesn't see the updates?

SigParser queries MailChimp once per day for the latest contacts. If you just made some additions or deletions, you can go to the Data Sources page, find the MailChimp connection and click "Pull Latest".

Not all the email addresses were pushed into MailChimp

MailChimp will sometimes reject email addresses if they don't look legitimate but there isn't really a way to tell that from the frontend.

If you notice that all the contacts you're pushing aren't making it over, it could be another issue.