Less Annoying CRM


To connect Less Annoying CRM to SigParser do the following:

  1. Generate an User Code and API Token here
  2. In SigParser on the Dashboard click "Add" for Less Annoying CRM
  3. Configure the Name and whether to update contacts and titles
  4. Set the User Code and API Token fields
  5. Click Create

Every day SigParser will connect to Less Annoying CRM and push any new contact details it has discovered.

Auto create contacts

SigParser can automatically create contacts. See this guide on details for configuring which contacts get pushed.

Updating Less Annoying CRM Contacts

SigParser finds contact matches by email address in Less Annoying CRM.

SigParser will update the following fields. It will only fill in missing values or values it previously set.

  • Phone Numbers
    • Work, Mobile, Other, Home, Fax
  • Title
    • Updating title automatically can be disabled when configuring the connection in SigParser.
  • Address Fields
    • SigParser will either set all the fields at once or none of them. It never fills in just the City for example since the State might not be a good match.