Guide: Get SigParser contacts on your iPhone

SigParser doesn't have a native app but it is actually easy to access the contacts directly from the iOS Phone app.

You'll perform three high level steps:

  1. Setup a SigParser account and connect your email accounts.
  2. Setup your phone to get contacts.

Step 1: Setup SigParser to capture emails

  1. Setup a SigParser account and connect your email accounts.
  2. Open the the details screen for the email account (Dashboard -> Edit)
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the checkboxes for "Create contacts" and "Update contacts".

If you connected a Google account or Office 365 for example, every day SigParser will update contacts in your Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts automatically.

But you need them on your phone....

Step 2: Setup iOS Contacts

In this step you'll connect your iPhone to your Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Passwords & Accounts
  3. Add Account
  4. Click the connector for your email account where SigParser is pushing contacts. Should be the one you selected in step 1.
  5. Authenticate
  6. When asked what to sync, you must enable "Contacts". You can also enable the other things like Mail and Calendar but those are optional.
  7. Once complete, wait a few seconds.
  8. Open the Phone app and click Contacts.
  9. You should now see all the contacts in Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts in your list of contacts on the phone.

As SigParser finds new contacts it will add those contacts to Google Contacts or Outlook contacts and those will appear in your iPhone's contact list.

FAQ: I use SigParser in a team but I don't want all my coworkers contacts in my contact list. How do I only get mine on my phone?

If you use SigParser in a team, there might be thousands of contacts in your contact database that you don't need because they only interact with other people. In this case, when you setup your email connection, under the "Create contacts" checkbox, you can define which mailboxes contacts should come from when they are inserted into your mailbox Contacts database.

FAQ: How can I connect 3 email accounts but have all my contacts in a single Google/Outlook contacts mailbox?

Connect each mailbox to SigParser. Open the "Edit" screen for the mailbox you want to have filled with contacts. At the bottom of the mailbox configuration screen for mailbox, change the "Create contacts" checkbox to checked. Change the "Add contacts from mailboxes" to "Selected Mailboxes" and then type in the email addresses of each of the mailboxes to pull contact details from.