Update Contacts

SigParser finds contact matches by email address in HubSpot.

SigParser will update the following fields. It will only fill in missing values or values it previously set.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Numbers
    • phone, mobilephone
    • Office Phone - SigParser will try to find a field with the label "Office Phone". If that exists, it will set the phone number.
  • Title
    • SigParser looks for a field named "title" or "jobtitle"
  • Twitter
    • Will set the Twitter handle for the user.
  • LinkedIn
    • Will set the LinkedIn URL in this field
    • hs_linkedinid = Will set the LinkedIn ID for the user in this field.
  • Address Fields
    • address, city, state, country, zip
    • SigParser will either set all of these or none of these.
    • SigParser treats these fields as a set for determining if it can edit them. For example, if city is blank but state isn't blank and wasn't set by SigParser, SigParser won't try to set City.