Google/Gmail Provider

We get email, contacts and calendar meetings from Google. These are all used to either process emails, process meetings, send emails thru the UI, and create and update contacts.


The easiest way to connect Google to SigParser is to click the Google button which will use OAuth2 to connect. This means even if your password for Google changes, SigParser will still have access.

Creating and Updating Contacts

SigParser can update and create contacts in Google Contacts based on what SigParser finds. It will only fill in fields that are blank.

Update Settings

Contacts updated will be added to a group called


  • Given Name, Family Name
  • Organization
    • Title
    • Address
    • Will only add an Organization if one doesn't already exist.
  • Phone Numbers
    • work, home, mobile, work, assistant, other, voip, fax
  • Group: "Updated By SigParser"
    • Contacts created by SigParser will be added to this group. If the group doesn't exist, SigParser will create it.

Create Contact Settings

Will only create contacts that have an email address and one of the following: Title, Address, or Phone Numbers and that contact was found in the attached email account. We won't add contacts coming from another email account to your Google Contacts directory.

  • Given Name, Family Name
  • Organization
    • Title
    • Address
  • Phone Numbers
    • work, home, mobile, work, assistant, other, voip, fax
  • Group: "Created By SigParser"
    • Contacts created by SigParser will be added to this group. If the group doesn't exist, SigParser will create it.

Data Update Frequency

Once per day it will connect to each Google mailbox and pull down the latest emails, contacts and meetings.

Security Considerations

The users listed under "Accessible By" for an Google Mailbox will have access to any contacts, emails, calendar meetings or attachments which are in that mailbox. So it is important to only grant access to this mailbox to the owner and whoever needs to

Multiple Mailboxes/Entire Organization

The easiest way to setup a large number of accounts to monitor is to have the company Google administrator configure a service account. This is likely your IT guy.

The benefit of this process is that each user doesn't have to login and connect their own email.

This process generally takes 20 - 45 minutes. We are happy to hop on a call and help you configure this.

  1. Login to SigParser as the administrator
  2. Go to Settings -> Data Sources -> Find the Google Service Account connector and click Add
  3. Follow the instructions on the page or read this to generate a service account with the right permissions. Once you click Save
  4. Then click Add Mailbox for each of the email addresses you want to monitored by SigParser.

Google Service Account

These are the detailed steps for setting up a Google Service Account so a single Google connection can access multiple mailboxes, contacts and calendars in your organization. Be aware you pay for each active, connected mailbox. These steps are all documented inside SigParser when you have an account setup and click Add for "Google Service Account" connector type.

Step 1: Create a Google Service Account

  1. Create a project in the Google Developer Console if you only have "No Organization" available. Create project
  2. Create a Service Account Google Service Account
  3. Click Create service account
  4. In the Create service account window, type a name for the service account and a description. Click Create
  5. If it asks about a role, just click Continue
  6. Click Create Key and choose JSON for the type. You should download a file at this step.
  7. Keep the JSON key file for one of the following steps.

Step 2: Turn on API Services

You need to turn on each of the APIs that SigParser will need to access.

  1. Navigate to the Google Developer API Library (Be sure you're in the right project)
  2. Enable each of the following APIs in the Developer console:
    • Gmail API
    • Google People API
    • Google Calendar API

Step 3: Add ClientID and Scopes to the Google Admin Portal

This step will authorize the service account SigParser will use to access specific scopes so it can only do the limited operations it needs.

  1. Go to the Google Admin Center
  2. Go to Security > Advanced Settings > Manage API Client Access
  3. Open the JSON file you downloaded before and get the client_id value from the file
  4. Put the client_id into the textbox into the Client Name textbox.
  5. Copy and paste the following text into the Scope textbox.,,,,
  1. Click Authorize

Step 4: Paste the JSON file into SigParser

You'll need to pase the JSON file contents into the textbox in SigParser's Google Service Account setup screen.

Then name your connection in SigParser and set a test email address of a mailbox you want to monitor to validate connectivity.