Setting up your connection

You can use SigParser with both the cloud hosted Bitrix24 instance or an on premise installation. After you setup your SigParser account, click "Add CRM" from the Dashboard and click "Add" for Bitrix24. Enter the domain name without the https:// part.

For example:

You can get this URL after you sign into Bitrix24.

Create Contacts

SigParser can automatically create Contact and Lead records. See this guide on details for configuring which contacts get pushed.

If you enable both Lead and Contact creation, contacts will only be created in one of the types. So we suggest only enabling one of the creation options.

SigParser de-dupes contacts across both Bitrix24 Contact and Lead records. This means if the email address for a SigParser contact already exists as a Lead, SigParser won't attempt to create a Contact record for that email address even if all other conditions are met.

Update Contacts

SigParser finds Contact and Lead matches by email address in Bitrix24.


SigParser will update the following fields. It will only fill in missing values or values it previously set.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Numbers
    • Work, Mobile, Home, Fax, Other
    • Mobile - SigParser will first try to use the value in SigParser from Mobile Phone, otherwise it will use VOIP phone.
  • Title
    • SigParser looks for a field named "POST" on the Bitrix24 API.
    • You need to enable updating the title for the title field to be filled for both Contacts and Leads
  • Company (for Lead records only)
    • Our best guess at a good company name for the contact.
  • TYPE_ID - SigParser when creating contacts will always set this to "Client".


How can I filter in Bitrix24 for contacts from SigParser?

All Lead records in Bitrix will have the "Source" field set to SigParser.

For Contact records, you can't tell where it came from easily.