Planning an event

Scenario: You're going to host an event in a remote city and you want to find some contacts to invite to it.


  • Go to the Contacts search page
  • Find contacts for a geographic region
    • Using a map...
      • Click the filter icon for the location column to display a map
      • Click "Add Area Selection Filter" to add an area filter.
      • Drag the map selector box to the desired region and zoom in or out.
      • Click Apply
    • Search by state
      • Add the "Location: State" column to the grid. Click the three horizontal bars icon on the far right of the grid.
      • Type the State abbreviation.
  • Add filters on any other columns you need to.
  • Use the export contacts actions from the Contacts search page for use with other marketing systems or send them to systems like MailChimp or Constant Contact.