Exporting is easy from SigParser. Your options include:

  • Export to a CSV
  • Export to a connector like a CRM

Export CSV/Excel files

You can export a CSV file by:

  1. Go to the Contacts list screen
  2. Click Export
  3. Click CSV option
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Download

If the file doesn't open correctly in Excel then try the following in Excel:

  1. Go to the Data tab
  2. Click From Text/CSV
  3. Choose the file
  4. Use the following settings
    • File Origin: 1252 Western European (Windows)
    • Delimiter: Comma
  5. Click Load

Export to connector

You can export to a CRM system or a contacts app if SigParser supports it.

  1. Connect a CRM system (More -> Connectors -> Add Connector)
  2. Go to the Contacts screen
  3. Click Export
  4. Select the option to send the contacts to a connector
  5. Select the connector
  6. Continue thru the rest of the steps.

It can take about 10 minutes per 1000 contacts being sent over to the other system. Most systems have throttling which prevents SigParser from quickly dumping in all the contacts at once.