Buckets/tags/lists in SigParser make it easy to categorize and segment contacts in many different ways.


Here is a conceptual overview of how buckets

  • Bucket Types - Bucket types define types of lists. You might have 3 - 8 bucket types for your team. Some examples other teams use are Tag, List, Role, Vertical, Outreach Type
  • Buckets - The actual list under a bucket type. So if we're looking at types of roles, this would be VP, Manager, Executive, Engineer.
  • Contacts to Buckets - A contact can be in many buckets. A contact could zero bucket assignments or could be in every bucket that exists.

Special Bucket Types

Some data sources such as MailChimp and Constant Contact will auto generate bucket types. The buckets under those bucket types will be linked to their data sources so any contacts added or removed from the buckets will be synced with their original data sources.

Adding contacts to Buckets

There are three ways to add contacts to buckets.

  • Contact Action
    • Anywhere you see a contact you should be able to click the action icon and click "Add Buckets" to assign buckets to a contact.
  • Contact page
    • When on a contact page you can add tags quickly to an individual contact.

Bucket Types

You can add more bucket types if you're an admin of your team by going to Settings -> Bucket Types.

Be aware though that you want to limit the number of types you make. You don't want to make a bucket type for a single event. Instead, you might want to make an "Events" bucket type and then put all event buckets under the "Events" bucket type.

Ideas, Suggestions and Use Cases

Event Planning

When you are planning an event, create a new bucket under the bucket type "List" for your event. Then search SigParser for contacts who aren't in the new event bucket yet and add them to the new event bucket using the checkboxes and Plus symbol.

Bucket Types Usage Suggestions

Here are some suggestions on how to use bucket types that already exists or new ones you might add.

  • List - Use this for any lists you import into SigParser thru a CSV import.
  • Tag - A general bucket.
  • Role - Similar to title but more the role this person fills in your organization's business. So maybe Decision Maker or Engineer or Engineering Manager. But it probably wouldn't be Senior Software Engineer as that would be too specific.

Other suggested bucket types:

  • Industry - Possibly the industry a contact is in.
  • Territory - The territory a contact belongs to. This would be setup and configured each year for the contacts in accounts or areas.
  • Product - Products the user is interested in.
  • Purchased - Products the contact has purchased. You can use the bucket filters to find contacts in accounts where one of the contact purchased a product.